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And we’re back with another Article of before you buy that show where we give you some straight up gameplay and of course our first impressions of the latest games releasing as usual it’s me Shikari and today we’re talking about Tales of Arise this is the newest in a long long run of action

It’s developed by Bandai Namco studios with a bunch of series veterans behind it and the intent behind this game was apparently to kind of reinvigorate the franchise the word soft reboot had been thrown around and now there are a lot of these tales games and this one is no difference in that it’s pretty special it’s a really fun and interesting game we’ve been playing a review copy of the game for well over a week now and I’ve got a lot of impressions and just so you know this footage is captured on Playstation 5 version of

Tales of Arise – The Short Story

the game and is spoiler free. I’m only showcasing like the first two main biomes or chapters of the game ,and it’s a fairly lengthy one so just know that you’re good also in describing this game.

I’m gonna be talking about this one mostly as if you’re new to the franchise as I assume many people might be uh so tales of a rise is about the story .

And the characters man like if you’re looking into diving into a story and lore rich world and adventure with party members friends.

That you get to know and eventually fall in love with along the way this game will totally scratch , that itch tells the story of two worlds the world of donna is essentially held prisoner by the world of rena rena is drastically more technologically advanced and powerful .

And they basically hold power over all of dana’s various different regions each one is drastically different and each one is controlled by a different leader who are all also vying for power each one of these regions is essentially enslaved or controlled or oppressed in various different ways.

Tales of Arise – The Game

The game generally has a theme that grapples with the distinct difference between these two races the relationship and the division between them . The people of donna to rise to freedom from this empire now the main character from donna whose past is shrouded in mystery and amnesia finds himself a slave but he kicks ass so he fights back especially when he joins up with a mysterious woman from rena named shion on the run .

who not only has kind of cool magic abilities like many people in this world but she holds an even more important powerful flame power , that only our hero actually has the ability to wield because he feels no pain conveniently enough and while his hands burn from this weapon .

This alliance between the two main characters is interesting because of how it develops it starts off really frosty because of the division between the two groups of people you know the press and the pressers so the game spends a lot of time talking about it .

Dialogue is told through traditional cutscenes storyboard style cutscenes occasionally an animated cutscene and just lots of good old-fashioned text boxes a lot of the conversations are actually thought-provoking and intense . But there’s so many of them like the game just throws so much dialogue at you characters will stop mid thing to debate slavery.

it’s sometimes it’s just hard to attach yourself to one theme or one point being made but it still does interesting things now that being said the adventure is still easy enough to follow .while it does occasionally find itself having some of the anime character tropes you’ve seen a million times with a million other characters before the overall thing is very unique and interesting .

Tales of Arise – The Plot

The plot keeps you playing and even if the dialogue is thick the adventure is still easy enough to grasp even if you don’t play a lot of games in this genre. It is fairly accessible but you know enough for that let’s talk about the good old-fashioned gameplay .

You venture your way across like i said multiple regions in this world usually they’re laid out like a town or a hub area with an inn a merchant. The ability to upgrade your weapons at a smith and take on various side quests you can leave these towns and venture out after a loading screen into straightforward simple areas and most of them aren’t too big .

You know they actually a lot of them feel pretty old school there’s usually the obvious path and a few shortcuts and hidden areas and of course roaming enemies .You can either avoid many of them or run up to them and the game loads you into a combat scenario

Tales of Arise-The Art Of War

Now all of this sounds like standard stuff but the combat is really a ton of fun and it just gets better the more you put into the game the combat is fairly active .You know you can move around the battlefield freely and dodge enemies that attack you you can do basic attacks like the typical three-hit combo type of thing and then also cue up these mapped special attacks .

You can string them in a row to make for some pretty dazzling stuff some special attacks can lift enemies up in the air where you can then combo them using your regular attack. And then drive them back down with one more special attack .

Then of course you also have party members you can technically play as them but it’s not always prioritized your party members can fight with you and buff you or heal you if they have the ability and you can set their AI preference for some strategy .

Tales of Arise – The Moves

As to how they fight you can also manually trigger your party members when it’s available to do cool special attacks these usually have their own use cases and come off stylish and powerful .And are always satisfying to execute in a pinch even if it’s just as simple as hitting a button on the d-pad.

it’s still great then of course if all the conditions are met you can also do a big special attack with multiple team members that shifts camera angles and looks incredibly awesome .Usually makes for a really good finish battles can get pretty intense

The bonuse

Also experience to level up you can spend points and essentially group together clusters like skill tree type things. You get access to more of these clusters as you level up and progress and you can unlock new bonuses higher damage or critical chance stuff like that along with different moves .

I said earlier you can upgrade these things so using these along with items and attachments to your armor that give you more bonuses there’s just a fairly decent degree of customization .

Tales of Arise- Characters

The big thing that people might really I think enjoy is that there are a lot of skins for the characters they’re like different outfits and different head styles, specifically as well as hidden collectibles .

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In the environments that you find with these weird owls that allow you to give your characters stuff like bunny ears eye patches glasses tails. He vistas the ships the guns the swords the particle effects of all the abilities the way the main character just gets cooler and cooler costumes and more badass the further the game goes it all just looks great although.

I will say there is a really bad pop-in I noticed with my version like characters pop into the scene like five feet in front of you sometimes that’s just kind of weird but my only other complaints you know the one being what I mentioned earlier which is more personal and subjective with that sometimes the dialogue is just too much and that some of the side quests are just totally dull.

Final Thought

I don’t know that’s just me really it’s cool characters it’s an interesting world and fun combat it’s fairly accessible to get into .But a nice little bit of challenge here and there if you want it there’s a lot of game here to chew through there’s a lot of items there’s a lot of characters ,there’s a lot of side quests .

There’s a ton of dialogue oh and some downright incredible music which i think really is a cherry on top with a lot of games .I think if you’re looking at this and you are typically a fan of these types of games or the tales series.

I give this a green light this is a before you buy Tales of Arise you know how this goes by now.

Pros & Cons

I gave some pros some cons how it works some personal opinion .And now i want to hear yours down in the comments if you’ve been looking forward to this game definitely let us know that would really help for our research purposes .

But also uh what’s your favorite in the tales series maybe this is going to be your first one let’s talk anything tales down in the comments if you enjoyed this article.


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